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Our curated Books Box offer, not only for children...

Updated: May 8

Did you know that we now offer international books boxes for kids AND adults? Look inside that amazing WoWo Box... and discover the magic of our curated selection just for you based on your tastes.

Since the launch of Totem Bookshop at the beginning of 2017, we have taken up a challenge that few bookshops have taken up so far: to make illustrated books for children, albums, children's literature interact with comic strips and graphic novels for adults. For us, between these two universes, all we have to do is create a bridge, because lovers of beautiful illustrated books will quickly understand that there are wonders to be discovered on either side of the bridge!

With our brand new book boxes, we are extending the experience: as adults, you too can dive into the fascinating world of the illustrated book and enjoy a suspended moment.

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