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Updated: May 8

Yesterday afternoon, we sent the youngest children to play alone in the garden...

The elders took care of the younger ones, with the younger ones constantly learning from what they observe in the older ones. Some draw each other towards discoveries, others inspire the group with their natural attraction to nature. The whole forms a group that self-regulates most of the time.

After a short hour of independent activity, we find the small group of three composed of two 3.5 year olds and one 5.5 year old facing the result of their wanderings. You can't imagine the pleasure we had, mothers, in finding our little mouse heads... The pride in their eyes, the excitement to tell the story of their experimentation, the beauty of the final result.

Of course, some of the pretty Iris barely blooming have paid the price of this

workshop in the middle of nature... but imagine the astonishment, the pride to see that our little ones understood by themselves that with the pigments of the flowers they saw around them (and a small bowl of water obtained illegally), they would simply manage to paint the logs of wood they had at hand.

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