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As a French family expatriated in Germany for 7 years, we know how difficult it is to find suitable and quality books for our 3.5 year old daughter. The frustration of not being able to accompany our children's development in our own mother tongue is sometimes huge, which is why we decided to create Little Totem.


We take care of the curation, you get what you need and more. Here, you order a books box and then answer our questionnaire so that we can select the best books from our catalogue adapted to the age and needs of your child.

Our ambition: to make children and adults alike discover the pleasure of reading illustrated books, to support education in art and illustration, to transmit humanistic values that protect the great principles of equality, knowledge about the nature and the world. Books are the first mediums of awareness and promotion that enter homes, following the arrival of a child. We believe that choosing quality books contributes to educating enlightened children and thus making a difference for the future. 

Reading beautiful books is also, in our opinion, the best way to encourage creativity and sensitivity in everyone. And we've also noticed the sensory pleasure it brings to everyone. 

By choosing Totem's books selection, you make the choice to support independent booksellers and publishers, and you bring colour into your home!




Emilie, 34, mum of Zoé, 3,5 years old. She loves illustration, colors, music and literature. On her nightstand you'll find Peter Pan by Bohem Verlag, Maman by Mijade and The Lines on Nana's Face by Flying Eye Books




Guillaume, 35. Guillaume has been living and working abroad for 12 years. India, Switzerland, UK, Germany, he needs adrenaline and adventure! The books that resemble him are epics with wacky, funny and courageous characters. In real life, he is an international business developer.



Partner in crime

Jennifer, 34. She loves sailing, entrepreneurship, sewing and literature.  On her nightstand you'll find Locke et Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, L'art de perdre by Alice Zeniter and L'Homme gribouillé by Serge Lehman and Frederik Peeters.

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