Which books for my 0-12 months?
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Our mantra: no baby is too young for reading books!

Be sure that your baby is taking full advantage of any storytimes you offer him/her:

  • first of all, it's a wonderful way for both of you to strengthen your attachment to each other. Reading books together brings pleasure to your toddler, as he/she is bonded to you and he/she hears your voice.

  • Also, during their first year of life, the visual, neuronal,  capacities of the babies are a work in progress... therefore we always focus on simplicity, bright shapes, primary colors and black and white illustrations.

Trust yourself and don't hesitate to introduce books to your child at an early age. Whether he/she is 3, 4 or 5 months old, books are already interesting for your baby as long as he/she can handle them!


In addition to allowing him to develop his sense of touch, pictures, colors and representations, reading books stimulates his/her curiosity. His/her ability to pay attention to images is quite limited at this age, that's why - following Maria Montessori's guidelines - we mostly focus on simple board books with geometric patterns, black and white colors for the first months, and we'll then introduce the first characters and thematics related to his/her daily life. Of course, during his/her first few months, your baby mainly wants to chew, grasp, throw and hit the books... Don't worry, this is completely normal and doesn't mean anything for the future!